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NYC is a strange city. It has so many things to offer, and usually it has more than one for everything. Today I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is housed in this huge building, and it contains many and many pieces of art. You definitely need to dedicate a whole day if not more if you want to get to see everything in close detail. Patty and me spent a good two and a half hours just looking for the exhibitions that we wanted to see. We must have walked a good two miles all over the building.

It’s kind of funy that even though it is a beautiful building, and the masterpieces in there are out of this world, sometimes you loose the sense of beauty just because there is so much to see. I guess you can say one becomes de-synthesized from having so much to look at. It was a nice experience overall, and like everything in NYC, it was abundant. I am not really sure how many museums and art galleries there are in the city, but I had enough for a few months. Oh no! I forgot that we are going to see Picasso at MoMa Queens next weekend! Must get new pair of walking shoes!

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