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Do you speak Klingon? If so the Oregon HR Department wants you!

There is a position open for a fluent Klingon interpreter in Oregon. It appears that there are mental patients in the County of Multnomath that can only communicate in the language that was invented for the “Star Trek” series for one of the alien species. Since some of the mental patients only communicate in Klingon, they need to provide a Klingon-English interpreter among the other 55 interpreters that they currently have.

It appears that even though the klingon language is a fictional language, it was developed to have a constant syntax, vocabulary and grammar. Some mentally ill patients will only communicate in this language an therefore the need for the translator.

This isprobably old news and I bet you can find it anywhere on the web by now, but I just found it amusing. I wonder if I went insane what language I would pick to communicate wit other people?

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