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I had the luck of winning a 20 Gb iPod last year. I went to one of those computer vendor dinner/event in which my friend Wendell from San Francisco (while he was in the city) invited me to. Honestly that is the first time I have ever won anything! But I have to admit it is one of the best prizes ever!

Apple recently released the new model. It is thinner, has more capacity, and is just cooler. I definitely do not need more capacity, since with twenty gigs I have only been able to use like 5 Gb. I need to get more music! Although I would love to have the new iPod OS since it allows you to create playlists on the fly in the iPod but I don’t think that one feature is worth an upgrade. I am sure Apple with time will release the upgraded OS for the older models.

I enjoy my iPod the most while I ride the subway and what I find interesting is the amount of people that I see with an iPod riding the subways. You can always spot them because they use the white in the ear Apple headphones, or they have their remote attached to their shirts or bags (I have mine attached to my bag). There is no way of missing them. I can’t use those earbuds because they make my ears hurt, so I use a pair of cheap lightweight Sony headphones. So, since I see so many people with iPods in the train, and we all give each other a small almost unnoticeable nod because of our choice of MP3 players I have decided to keep count of how many people I see with an iPod.

Today’s iPod count on the subways of NYC: 4

If you want to visit a cool site dedicated to the iPod, Ipod Lounge has good content. (Their picture gallery is down for the moment)

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