When a quarter is not just a quarter

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One of my daily routines is to buy the newspaper on the way to work. If you have read any of my past posts then you’ll know the I prefer the local paper (Newsday) over its competitors. For one it is catered to the folks of Queens, and Long Island, and if Bloomberg had it his way he would make Nassau the 6th NYC Borough.

But back to my story, In order to make a speedy transaction of this daily routine I always try to have exact change. This involves me having 50 cents ready to give to the newspaper guy and waste as little time as possible. Today as I took the two quarters into my hand and I looked at them, for the first time they peaked my interest.

Quarters from different eras

Here I had two coins with the same denomination but from two totally different eras. One was minted in 1969, way before I was even in the plans to be conceived, an another minted in the year 2000. If we had listened to the Year 2000 Doomsday people, this coin would have been the last one before this heavenly world went KAPOOT! 🙂 Well, at least as computers went that is.

So two coins in my hands that represent the same to millions of people, but yet so different in their craftmanship and history. The 1969 one all worn out, but still in good shape, and the one from 2000 still shinny and with a new design that made it more modern. If you can’t tell by now, or maybe I could not tell till this morning, I really like coins, if nothing more for their longegivity. Ask yourself, when was the last time you held a paper bill that was made in 1969? Exactly, probably not in a long time, or maybe never.

Here’s to the US Quarter! If you feel like a kid, you can check this out.

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