What’s that? Oh yeah…it’s kissing!

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I bet we can all remember what it felt like to kiss that special girl for the first time. For most of us it was probably very early in our lives. That feeling of euphoria as your lips touched hers was intoxicating and inexplicable all at once. As time passes, we grow up, and kissing almost becomes less special than what it’s supposed to be.

But out of nowhere one day you kiss a special person, and memories of you as a young kid come rushing back into your head, and you feel every single movement that is happening as you kiss that special person. Inside of you there are fireworks and marching bands all exploding at once, and you wish that the moment never ends.

And then you stop kissing.

And you look into each others eyes.

And you kiss again, just to feel like a kid once again, getting his kiss from the hottest girl for the first time.

How do you know when a kiss is a good one?

When it’s not only one kiss, but many rolled into one.

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